Saturday, January 31, 2009

In Memoriam of my Mother

The bed is still warm.

I can still feel her lying there.
Her tiny and fragile body lying
next to me.
So weak
and thin
that she cannot even turn her back on her own.
I can still hear her voices asking me to help her.
Yet ...

inside that frail body,
I can still feel her aura strengthen me
and calm the storm inside my heart

The bed is still warm

Warm with her smiles and extended arms,
showing her love
just by stroking my hair
or holding my hand.

The bed is still warm.

Warmed by my tears that won't stop.
Can't believe
that she is only a corpse.
Can't run to her anymore
and I have to stand

The bed is still warm.

My mom is gone....

WEI/28 October 2003

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