Sunday, February 1, 2009

What is in a NAME?

My name means white beautiful precious rare jade. It is true, white jade is always considered the most precious one in its class . I got my name from my grandpa and it was carefully considered based on the year that I was born, year of fire horse.

On the horse itself, well..., white horse is also considered as rare and precious. I love my name very much. That’s why I don’t want to trade it with any other names or try to find it with any Indonesian name.

Nickname “Wei”
Every girl in my family generation will have a name taken from precious stone. And for the nickname, I am called “wei” in my family because my two elder cousins from diff aunties are called Lin2 (her name is Meilin) and Mei2 (her name is also Meilin). The one in Hongkong/the youngest is called Xiau Lin (her name is Kweilin). One cousin who lives in China is also called “wei2” and her name is also Weilin! I was “furious”. It was in 93 I met her for the first time in our lives. But I could accept the reason. We lost contact with our auntie when she moved to China in 68.

More than that, I have a firm believe that I am very special and precious. Not only because the history of my name, but because GOD really loves me. I am special in His eyes. He was even crucified for me – a deprived sinner.

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Wey said...

hi ibu Wei ........
panngilan nama sama tapi beda huruh akhir........hehehehehe
yang pada akhirntya blogger juga...........hihihihi
tetap sukses ya ibu Wei....tulisannya mantap abis...choi